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Mudjacking & Concrete Leveling Services

The benefits of mudjacking repair are:
• Much lower cost.
• Faster than removing and pouring new concrete, a few hours versus days or weeks.
• No cost or hassle on disposing of the old concrete.
• No difference in the look of the repaired concrete. New concrete does not blend in with the old.

We Service Chicago's Cook County, Lake County, and McHenry County.


We raise and level your patio, porch or concrete deck.

Concrete patios, porches and decks have, sink and become uneven over time. But they can be fixed!

With RCC mudjacking, concrete patios, decks and porches can be fixed at a fraction of the cost of replacement.



We raise and repair for concrete driveways and garage floors.

Is your concrete driveway or garage floor uneven, sunken, has tripping risks or draining water improperly toward your home?

Then RCC can mudjack / slab jack them back into proper position at far less cost than replacing.


Call  (847) 406-8134  FOR A FREE ESTIMATE!


We raise and level your sunken pool deck.

We can repair your concrete pool deck for much less than replacing it.

Are you concerned about you or your friends tripping and falling on your pool deck? Fed up with an uneven mess?

Everything will be smooth and even.

mud jacking 3.JPG
sand blasting2.JPG


We raise sunken concrete sidewalks, walkways and steps using mudjacking and concrete lifting and leveling.

Mudjacking is very precise and can easily be lifted to match an existing concrete pad. The trip hazard is gone and the walkway is level with each pad meeting each other perfectly.



We fix destroyed, uneven, and sunken stairs.

Stairs and steps can be raised and leveled. Notice the large gap in the picture. This is a trip hazard and allows water entry to further sink the concrete.

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